Dolby Atmos mixing room

Sound re-recording mixing
Balancing all the elements of sound. Television, commercials, trailers and feature films. Dolby Surround, Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos, Left total/Right total (Lt/Rt), DCP.
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Supervising Sound Editor
Leading and assemble a sound team to create a solid soundtrack. Team members have access to the required media files by means of a central and secure storage location.

Sound mastering
Final output of the sound mix. Optimized for television (EBU R128 loudness standard), cinema, trailers Dolby Leq(m), laptop, internet, airline presentations or other media.
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Dialogue editing
Cleaning up production sound, adding extra dialogue, walla or on/off screen lines.

ADR recording
Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) to replace dialogue that is lack of quality or needs a dramatical change. Including narration or voice over recording.

Sound design
Adding sound effects to enrich the scene, place, time or action. Give character to story elements.

Foley recording and editing
Footsteps, cloth, handling noises.

Sound teaching and workshops
Learn how to master your DAW (e.g. Pro Tools). Tips, tricks and easy steps to smoothen your workflow in editing and automation in mixing.
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