Ik weet wie je bent

Ik weet wie je bentDe nieuwe psychologische thrillerserie.

Een verlaten weg midden in het bos. Aan zijn gescheurde kleding en gezicht vol schrammen en bloed is te zien dat hij een ongeluk heeft gehad. Maar de succesvolle strafrechtadvocaat Daniel Elias (Daan Schuurmans) kan zich volstrekt niet meer herinneren wie hij is en hoe hij daar terecht is gekomen.

Vanaf zondag 26 augustus te zien bij KRO-NCRV op NPO 3.

Cast: Daan Schuurmans, Sophie van Winden, Ariane Schluter en Gaite Jansen
Directors: Hanro Smitsman / Thomas Korthals Altes
Production Company: Column Film
Sound Design: Lawrence Horne
Sound Re-recording Mixer: Danny van Spreuwel

Feel good moments in “De Matchmaker”

As a stock photographer, Chris travels the world and fully enjoys his life. When new orders become scarce and the bottom of his bank account comes into view, he is forced to return to the place where he has not been for years: home.

As a bonus i made a Sound Mix Canvas Ride to express the number of sound tracks and clips that are used in this project.

Sound Mix Canvas Ride

Director: Jeroen Houben
Production Company: Lemming Film
Re-recording mixer: Danny van Spreuwel

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Coca Cola

Star Wars The Last Jedi Coca ColaIn cinema’s across Europe the new Coca Cola commercial of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” has been released. “Fulfill your destiny”. Mixed in multiple language versions.

Sound Design: Stainless Sound and Music
Mixing Studio: WarnierPosta Amsterdam
Re-recording Mixer: Danny van Spreuwel

“Brussel” the European version of “House of Cards”


In “Brussel” it’s all about influence and intrigue, the series is thus called the European version of the successful Netflix series “House of Cards”. With an international star cast. Exclusively broadcasted at KPN Presents.

Director: Arno Dierickx
Writer: Leon de Winter
Producer: Endemol Shine
Music composer: Vidjay Beerepoot
Re-recording Mixer / Supervising sound editor: Danny van Spreuwel

Mixed in 5.1 at Cinenumerique Antwerp

Music and dreams in “Petticoat”


The new Dutch drama series Petticoat, with music composed by Henny Vrienten is based on the hit musical. Petticoat tells the humorous story of Groningen Patty Jagersma (played by Abbey Hoes). With roles, among others Hajo Bruins, Anneke Blok, Freek Bartels, Marlin Weerdenburg and Martijn Fischer.

Broadcasted: November 24th 2016 in Dolby Digital 5.1 where available
Directors: Pim van Hoeve and Thomas Korthals Altes
Sound Supervisor / Re-recording mixer: Danny van Spreuwel
Sound Effects Editor: Martijn Snoeren

Photo: KRO-NCRV / Pief Weyman

Documentary about Adrian Borland at IDFA


“Walking in the Opposite Direction”, named after one of Borland’s songs, doing his life story explained on the basis of rare archival footage, interviews with former band members and music critics, and conversations with his father and friends.

Director: Marc Waltman
Re-recording mixer: Danny van Spreuwel

“Sync”, a documentary about the Dutch World of Dubbing


“Sync” takes you behind the curtain of the mysterious world of foreign language dubbing. Joop van den Beucken and Bob van der Houven, both voice actors themselves, spoke to fellow voice actors, directors, translators, studio owners and an audio technician (me) to reveal this crazy world of voice acting.

Watch the promo on YouTube.

“Sync” will be shown at the Klik! Amsterdam Animation Festival on October 30th.

Sync on IMDB.

New Audio Plugins in My Mix Setup.

  • Nugen Halo Upmix: Unwraps stereo tracks into a great 5.1 or 7.1 surround field. It not only works great on music, atmospheres are now more evenly spread into the speakers.
  • McDSP FutzBox: Excellent tool to create toys, telephones or Walkie-Talkies.
  • iZotope RX Plugin Pack: Great dialogue repair kit. Clicks, distortions, hum and noises can be easily brought to a minimum with these plugs.


Want to hear if these plug-ins can boost up your film or television production? Drop me a mail to receive a free demo.

International Feature Film Mastering


Film Sound Mastering in Dolby Atmos, Dolby Surround Lt / Rt, 5.1, 7.1, 9.1, stereo, mono.

Pro Tools sessions with edited sound clips are send over to me from all over the world. The session will be prepared and premixed. Next the tracks are mastered for theatrical or in-home releases. The returning result is a great balanced soundtrack of all your delivered audio tracks.

You’re tracks in, my mix out!

Check out my credits on IMDB.

Contact me at danny@vanspreuwel.nl

Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration

Now available in my studio: Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration.

Working together on the same film project has gone a step further. Share your Pro Tools 12.5 session and let me work on your tracks. Dialogue, ADR, Foley editing and mixing for feature and television projects. Drop me a mail to request a quote.

De Aanklagers

De Aanklagers.jpgHoe bereidt een officier van justitie zich voor op een zaak? Wanneer besluit hij tot aanhouding van een verdachte? En welke risico’s mag de omgeving daar wel of niet bij lopen? Journalist, documentairemaker en Nipkowschijf-winnaar Coen Verbraak volgt officieren van justitie van verschillende parketten op de voet tijdens hun werk. Dat levert een unieke en meeslepende inkijk op in de wereld van het OM en de openbaar aanklagers.

Vanaf maandag 11 april om 21:00 bij de VARA op NPO2.

Regie: Coen Verbraak
Geluidsmixage: Danny van Spreuwel