Niks vreemds aan

“Niks vreemds aan” 19 augustus in de bioscoop

Een hilarische, sexy komedie over onverwachte ontmoetingen in een zoektocht naar meer passie. Suus (Ilse Warringa) houdt van haar ietwat doorsnee leven en van haar man Mats (Loek Peters), maar weet donders goed dat het vuur in haar huwelijk al een tijdje gedoofd is. In een dappere poging om de passie te doen herleven, meldt ze hen in een spontane opwelling aan voor een swingers-app.

Trailer: YouTube

Production company: 2cfilm
Sound mix: Danny van Spreuwel

Blasphemy Rhapsody

Dancing as a remedy for disease, poverty or fear: it has been happening for centuries. The southern Italian dance Pizzica and the swinging Charleston are good examples. Now there is Blasphemy Rhapsody from ICK Amsterdam, created during the corona crisis.

In premiere at Cinedance Fest

Choreography and sound design: Emio Greco and Pieter C. Sholten

Director: Arno Dierickx
Sound mix: Danny van Spreuwel

“Under The Volcano” premiered at SXSW

On a remote Caribbean Island, in the shadow of a volcano, the world’s biggest recording artists made music and myth that defined an era.

The story of George Martin’s AIR Studios Montserrat and the island that changed music forever. Featuring interviews with Sting, Mark Knopfler, Nick Rhodes, Jimmy Buffett, Verdine White, Tony Lommi, Stewart Copeland, Guy Fletcher, Midge Ure, and Roger Glover. (World Premiere at SXSW)

Mixing at STMPD recording studios

Sound design: Lawrence Horne
Sound mix: Danny van Spreuwel

Director: Gracie Otto
Producer: Cody Greenwood

Complete cast and crew list IMDb

Mixed at Studio Danny van Spreuwel The Hague and STMPD recording studios Amsterdam (picture)

“Beau séjour” seizoen 2

Beau séjour-still

Als voormalig marinecommandant Maurice Teirlinck (Gene Bervoets) zijn eigen lichaam aan de mast van zijn zeilboot “Beau Séjour” ziet bungelen, wordt meteen duidelijk dat er iets vreemds aan de hand is.

Een nieuw seizoen van “Beau séjour”. Zondag 31 op de Belgische televisie.

Geluidssupervisie / geluidsmix: Danny van Spreuwel
Geluidseffecten: Lawrence Horne
Dialoog montage: Jaap Jellema / Arnout Colaert

Regie: Nathalie Basteyns / Kaat Beels

Bekijk de eerste paar minuten van de serie..

English translation:

When former Navy commander Maurice Teirlinck (Gene Bervoets) sees his own body dangling from the mast of his sailing boat “Beau Séjour”, it is immediately clear that something strange is going on.

A new season of “Beau séjour”. Sunday 31st on Belgium television.

Supervising sound editor: Danny van Spreuwel
Sound design: Lawrence Horne
Dialogue editors: Jaap Jellema / Arnout Colaert

Directors: Nathalie Basteyns / Kaat Beels

Watch the first minutes.

“DVS – Navigation” SoundFlow package

SoundFlow app store

With SoundFlow it is possible to automate your Pro Tools workflow. It can speed up repetitive tasks. One of them, which I often use, is jumping around your session. Copy/pasting clips from one location to another. For that reason I made a Navigation package that helps storing the selected track and selection. Either or both can be recalled when needed. This package is now available from the SoundFlow app store for free. Go to the SoundFlow app store and search for “dvs”.

A SoundFlow account is needed to install the package. Trial version of SoundFlow is available.

Silence of the Tides

SILENCE OF THE TIDES is a cinematic portrait for international cinema about the Unesco World Heritage Site, the Wadden Sea, one of the largest wetlands, tidal and coastal systems in the world.

Natourale filmfestival Wiesbade
Winner best film over 30 minutes

IDFA 2020
Special jury mention

“Wonderfully shot, and with masterful editing and sound design, it achieves a deeply cinematic experience.”

Sound format: Dolby Atmos
Sound Studio: Posta Amsterdam

Director: Pieter-Rim de Kroon
Re-recording mixer: Danny van Spreuwel
Sound Design: Lawrence Horne
Production Sound: Victor Dekker

A good year (Een goed jaar)

A story about two men who accidentally find a cellar with weapons and wine from the Second World War in the Ardennes. They both urgently need money and pretend to have found Hitler’s wine cellar. Their scammer story is getting out of hand.

Sound format: Surround 5.1 television
Client: Posta Amsterdam

Director: Kadir Ferati Balci
Re-recording mixer / supervising sound editor: Danny van Spreuwel
Sound design: Lawrence Horne
Dialogue editor: Dave Ashton
Foley artist: Daimo da Costa

More info on IMDb. is online!


A place where media and knowledge are king.

Tatooine is the centerpiece of our sound team. A shared environment where media and communication come together. It’s a collaborative way of sharing knowledge, sessions and assets.

Tatooine has multiple applications. With Drive you can store, share and send media with other team members or guests outside our team. If needed password protected.

Chat is used to communicate with the team. In a secure environment you can send messages or media links to different members or departments.

Calendar is used to keep track of important data in our workflow.

All accessible through a web interface or a mobile app.

Visit Tatooine and try it for yourself as John Doe (Beourguest123).

Studio update for 7.1 and Dolby Atmos premix productions

Studio Danny van Spreuwel

Recently my studio in The Hague has been updated to mix 7.1 soundtracks. With this update soundtracks for Dolby 7.1 and Dolby Atmos premix can be produced. Both for television, streaming platforms and cinema.

Speaker monitoring: Genelec 8351 “The Ones” and Genelec 8330
Workstation: Pro Tools Ultimate

Baantjer het Begin

Baantjer het Begin - Andy en Jurre

Amsterdam, 1980. It is the time of major social change. Amidst the squatters’ riots and demonstrations, the idealistic young detective Jurre de Cock starts on the Warmoesstraat desk.

From Monday, December 30, weekly on RTL4 and in full on Videoland.

Sound format: Dolby Digital 5.1
Sound Studio: Posta Amsterdam

Directors: Arne Toonen and Lourens Blok
Producer: Rachel van Bommel (Millstreet Films)
Sound Supervisor and Re-recording mixer: Danny van Spreuwel
Sound Design: Lawrence Horne

“Perfect Cadeau” premieres in Paris at the European Independent Film Festival


An awkward reunion dinner between three flawed brothers who all have a hidden agenda descends into chaos when the woman they all love announces her pregnancy without revealing the father’s identity.

“Perfect Cadeau” (Perfect Present) will have its premiere in Paris at the European Independent Film Festival on April 7th.

Director: Martijn Hullegie
Sound Re-recording mixer: Danny van Spreuwel
Sound Studio: Warnier-Posta

Full credits Cast & Crew

“Kees & Co” after 13 years back on television

Kees-Co_cast_2019.pngThe dutch sitcom is back after 13 years! Played before a live studio audience.

First episode will be broadcast on RTL 4 on March 30. At the same time the whole season can been seen on the streaming platform Videoland.

Update: 1,5 million viewers watched the first episode. That’s an amazing start!

Director: Hans de Korte
Production Company: MediaLane
Picture Editer: Tim Wijbenga
Sound Re-recording mixer: Danny van Spreuwel
Sound Studio: Warnier-Posta

A new milestone

A new milestone in my career as a sound re-recording mixer has been reached!

After many years mixing in Dolby 5.1 now Dolby Atmos can be added to my resume. This formats opens up new creative possibilities and I can’t wait to do many more features in this format.

See what Dolby Atmos can do in this video: Dolby Atmos Explained

Ik weet wie je bent

Ik weet wie je bentDe nieuwe psychologische thrillerserie.

Een verlaten weg midden in het bos. Aan zijn gescheurde kleding en gezicht vol schrammen en bloed is te zien dat hij een ongeluk heeft gehad. Maar de succesvolle strafrechtadvocaat Daniel Elias (Daan Schuurmans) kan zich volstrekt niet meer herinneren wie hij is en hoe hij daar terecht is gekomen.

Vanaf zondag 26 augustus te zien bij KRO-NCRV op NPO 3.

Cast: Daan Schuurmans, Sophie van Winden, Ariane Schluter en Gaite Jansen
Directors: Hanro Smitsman / Thomas Korthals Altes
Production Company: Column Film
Sound Design: Lawrence Horne
Sound Re-recording Mixer: Danny van Spreuwel

Feel good moments in “De Matchmaker”

As a stock photographer, Chris travels the world and fully enjoys his life. When new orders become scarce and the bottom of his bank account comes into view, he is forced to return to the place where he has not been for years: home.

As a bonus i made a Sound Mix Canvas Ride to express the number of sound tracks and clips that are used in this project.

Sound Mix Canvas Ride

Director: Jeroen Houben
Production Company: Lemming Film
Re-recording mixer: Danny van Spreuwel

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Coca Cola

Star Wars The Last Jedi Coca ColaIn cinema’s across Europe the new Coca Cola commercial of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” has been released. “Fulfill your destiny”. Mixed in multiple language versions.

Sound Design: Stainless Sound and Music
Mixing Studio: WarnierPosta Amsterdam
Re-recording Mixer: Danny van Spreuwel