Blasphemy Rhapsody

Dancing as a remedy for disease, poverty or fear: it has been happening for centuries. The southern Italian dance Pizzica and the swinging Charleston are good examples. Now there is Blasphemy Rhapsody from ICK Amsterdam, created during the corona crisis.

In premiere at Cinedance Fest

Choreography and sound design: Emio Greco and Pieter C. Sholten

Director: Arno Dierickx
Sound mix: Danny van Spreuwel

“Under The Volcano” premiered at SXSW

On a remote Caribbean Island, in the shadow of a volcano, the world’s biggest recording artists made music and myth that defined an era.

The story of George Martin’s AIR Studios Montserrat and the island that changed music forever. Featuring interviews with Sting, Mark Knopfler, Nick Rhodes, Jimmy Buffett, Verdine White, Tony Lommi, Stewart Copeland, Guy Fletcher, Midge Ure, and Roger Glover. (World Premiere at SXSW)

Mixing at STMPD recording studios

Sound design: Lawrence Horne
Sound mix: Danny van Spreuwel

Director: Gracie Otto
Producer: Cody Greenwood

Complete cast and crew list IMDb

Mixed at Studio Danny van Spreuwel The Hague and STMPD recording studios Amsterdam (picture)