Total trust

Total Trust takes a visceral look at digital control in China where unprecedented levels of state surveillance prevail through trust, fear, obedience and resistance.

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When undercover cop Felix (Dragan Bakema) infiltrates Lize’s (Melody Klaver) life, Felix’s traumatic past and present collide. What follows is a life and death struggle.

Incognito will be streamed on Videoland from February 17th.

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Veekay. With sound of speed.

As former Rookie of the year, Rinus Veekay made a big impression in the IndyCar series. For the young racer 2022 is the year of truth. In this three-part documentary reality series we are introduced to The NTT IndyCar Series and see how Dutch supertalent Rinus van Kalmthout, AKA Veekay, is working towards the race of his life: The Indy500 in Indianapolis, the Valhalla of the American racing world.

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video from February 10th.

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De stamhouder / Legacy

Secrets of war unraveled in new series ‘Legacy’.

In the late 1960s, Alexander falls head over heels for the confident, free-spirited Ellen. When, after a beautiful night of love, she finds out that Alexander’s father, Frans Münninghoff, was an SS man during the war, she disappears from his life… only to reappear a good month later. She is pregnant. But in order to build a future together, he will first have to confront his repressed and eventful family past.

De stamhouder – Trailer

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Sound format: Dolby Atmos

VTM-series “A good year” on Streamz

In ‘A good year’ Lenny & Erik accidentally stumble upon the cellar of the latter’s great-aunt with weapons and wine from the Second World War in the Ardennes. The duo urgently needs money and tries to convince a Brussels antique dealer that the wine belonged to Hitler.

Sound by The Golden Sound Team (Danny, Lawrence, Dave)

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Klankmakers podcast

Klankmakers reisde af naar Den Haag en maakte een prachtige podcast over mijn werkzaamheden, liefde voor het vak en een kijkje achter het geluid. Te beluisteren via diverse podcast platforms.

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Danny is re-recording mixer en sound supervisor en heeft gewerkt aan de Disney+ serie ‘Dat Ene Woord’, de film the Lobster en zeer recent een 11 delige Netflix documentaire serie Voices of liberation. We praten over mixage, de natuurdocumentaire Silence of the Tides (nominatie Gouden Kalf sound design 2021), workflows, sound design en Dolby Atmos.

Behind the sound

Streamingservice Netflix heeft in de 11-delige historische docuserie ‘Voices of Liberation’ kosten noch moeite gespaard om het einde van de Tweede Wereldoorlog in beeld te brengen. Het verhaal van Europa’s bevrijding wordt verteld met behulp van teksten, ooggetuigenverslagen en archiefmateriaal.

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Voices of liberation

The writings and eyewitness accounts of wartime participants help trace the story of Europe’s liberation during WWII in this historical docuseries.

You wouldn’t notice it, but all archive footage is filled with sound from the ground up.

Have a look behind the sound.

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“Under the volcano” released worldwide

On a remote Caribbean island, under the shadow of an active volcano, the world’s biggest recording artists made music and myth that defined an era.

Featuring music by:
Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Duran Duran, George Martin, Elton John, The Police and Dire Straits.

Sound design: Lawrence Horne
Sound mix: Danny van Spreuwel

Director: Gracie Otto
Producer: Cody Greenwood

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Dolby Atmos is here!

Recently my studio has been upgraded to Dolby Atmos 7.1.4. The Genelec sound system welcomed 4 new brothers and sisters.

With Dolby Atmos sound can be placed in a 3D space. Dolby Atmos can be heard in cinemas, on personal devices such as phones and tablets and on the latest smart televisions. Content providers such as Netflix and Apple TV have movies and series in their catalog with this sound format.

My goal is to promote this amazing format and bring it to your home or cinema near you. Recently the movie “Silence of the tides” has been released in Dolby Atmos and many are to come. Join this 3D immersive experience and make your movie Dolby Atmos. Contact me about the possibilities.